Daily Announcements

Daily Announcements

Friday, September 18,  2020 – Day 5

Recesses and Lunches: 

Please note: New areas will be available before the end of September and lockers will also be distributed in the coming weeks. 

            Presently all students have three options: 

  1. Go outside
  2. Stay in your classroom. The doors are to remain open during lunch hours and recess
  3. Go to the cafeteria. If all the chairs are full you must then bring your lunch to your classroom or eat outside.

**We still cannot have students hanging out in the hallways.

Secondary 1 and 2 will leave for recesses and lunches 5 minutes prior to the bell and you are expected back 5 minutes early. 

              Secondary 3, 4, 5, WOTP and CASP can go at the bell.

Moving between floors:

It is imperative that you remain on the same floor as the classroom you have been assigned. At this point the only travelling between floors can be with a teacher.  

Textbooks and novels not returned:

We are still missing textbooks and novels. Please bring them in as soon as possible!