Daily Announcements

Daily Announcements

Monday, November 30,  2020 – Day 7

Lunch Hour Open Gyms: The gyms are open for lunch hour activities from 12:20-1:00: Today: Level 3: Group 05 (K-101), 06 (K-102), 04 (K-103)

Noon Hour Dance: From this point on, students of any bubble group are free to reserve the dance studio orange room.  Please see Ms. Burcombe in the dance studio the morning of the day you wish to reserve. First come first serve. 

Graduates: The yearbook committee is collecting baby photos👶🏻  🍼 📷 There will be a folder in each classroom to put your baby photo into. Please make sure your name is clearly written on the back of the photo. If you prefer to send a picture digitally, please send it to Due date: December 22, 2020

Masks in the Red Zone: Now that masks must be worn at all times on school grounds, they should be changed or washed more frequently. Your mask should probably be washed each evening in hot water with a bit of soap. It can be left to dry on a door knob overnight.

Masks in Cold Weather:  Now that the cold weather has arrived,  wearing a mask outside will result in the mask becoming damp. A damp mask does not provide an effective barrier. As we mentioned at the beginning of the year, it is wise to have 2 masks in your possession at school.

Holiday wishes for residents of Long-Term Care Facilities:  If anyone would like to send a holiday card to a person living in a Long-Term Care facility, please come see Tany. We have a list of people who would love a little holiday cheer!

Christmas Decorations: 

Many of you have been asking if we were having a contest for Christmas decorating in the classrooms.  The answer is YES!  This contest will involve the Massey-Vanier tradition of decorating classroom doors. The winners will be the students that have the best decorated interior door. The winners will be announced on Wednesday, December 16. 

Below are the expectations for decorating:

  • Do not hang anything from the ceiling

  • Do not hang anything from the door frame

  • If you are installing lights please assign a few students to unplug the   lights at the end of the day. No flashing lights please!

  • Decorate the inside part of the door so when the door is open everyone walking past your classroom can see your decorations.

  • Please work collaboratively and consider a theme

  •  You will be expected to clean up after the judging.