Tuesday, June 14 

Words from Isabelle Charest:


Sec. 5 Awards’ TYL: Many of you have not read through instructions in your envelope… please do so. Bring a PRINTED version of your TY letter to D417 today (Friday) and Mon.-Wed. next week (June 13-15). Bring your chromebook, as well, to edit letters right away. Letters must be ready for outside editors and final print next week (June 16-17; 20-21). We will then print your  final copy on nice stationery, which you will sign and address the envelope. Bring $ for stamps and the addresses included in your envelope.

Locker clean out:  As you clean your lockers, please donate any usable items to your favourite teacher. Extra loose leaf paper, pencils, rulers etc. 


The library is now closed and is ready for textbook and novel returns. Please remember to return your books or you will be charged ! We will be accepting returns until the last day of exams. 


You must return your chromebook and chargers to the technician, near the library, as soon as possible (unless you need them to finish your thank you letters)

Lunch – Gyms:   The gyms are closed!

Sec.3 CPR: The CPR schedule is posted by the gyms. You must attend on the day you are scheduled. If you show up on the wrong day, you will be sent 


June Exams: The exam schedule is posted on Massey-Vanier’s website. Schedules of room locations are posted around the school. Students must remain in the exam room for a minimum amount of time even if you have finished the exam. When released from the exam, students must go outside or to the cafeteria. Students will not be allowed to go to their lockers as students will be writing exams in most classrooms and noise must be kept to a minimum.

Indigenous Peoples’ History Month: Did you know that there are currently 70 different Indigenous languages spoken in Canada? At the time of Colonisation, it was estimated that there were approximately 250 languages spoken by the various Indigenous peoples. A step every person can take towards reconciliation is to learn about the language spoken on their land before Colonisation. Here in the Eastern Townships, the languages that would have been spoken were Abenaki-Penobscot, and Mohawk.

CASH PRIZES$$$ Looking for a summer project? Practise your talent, then register for the Youth Talent competition at www.bromefair.com! You can dance, sing, play an instrument, juggle, whatever your talent may be! We welcome individual as well as  group entries! 

Student Council Theme days: 

Friday, June 10: Hat Day
Sec 5 students & Adult Ed: If you would like to attend an information session about transitioning to Adult Education (if you are missing credits toward your diploma or pre-requisites for a post-secondary program), see Tany in Student Services. The date of the information session is TBD.