School Profile

Massey-Vanier High School is located in Cowansville and draws its students from as far west as the Richelieu River, east as Eastman, south as the U.S. border and north as Roxton Falls.



The school has extensive facilities including:
  • 800 seat auditorium
  • 100 seat video room
  • Music room
  • Dance studio
  • Drama room
  • ITT workshops
  • Science labs
  • Library
  • 3 large gymnasiums
  • Pool, arena, sports fields, tennis courts
  • 2 drop-in centers (game rooms)
  • Student Assistance Centre
  • Student services
  • 1200 seat cafeteria
  • Oasis centre
  • ASD centre
Student Enrolment:  721
Number of Staff: 100
Principal: Diane Sherrer-Vokey
Vice-Principals: Tania Journeau (A-I) and Mathieu Viens (J-Z)